Davy Jones Locker


I recommend it to fans of the genre, even though not everything about it is catchy.Founded at the end of the 80s, Davy Jones Locker first created an original, brutal, harsh style that blended a fuzzy, dissonant music with hardcore and industrial rock for the first time in France. During the grunge wave, Davy Jones Locker managed to put Thionville on the rock music map. After two vinyl records and more albums including the "Green Album" produced by Kramer, the Davy Jones Locker make Mudhoney sound like nice pop melodists… and we're hardly exaggerating here.

They soon take off and take part in tours and big festivals, and after three albums and numerous singles, the Davy Jones Locker end up evolving into something more experimental with their album "Palpable". In 2013, Atypeek Music re-releases their complete discography on digital platforms. Already available on all digital platforms: Palpable, Green Album, I Shake My Hear, S/T, Ultimate and Single...

Formé à la fin des années 80, Davy Jones Locker a d’abord créé un style original brut et dur, mêlant pour la première fois en France la musique fuzz et dissonante au hardcore et à l’industrielle. En pleine vague grunge les Davy Jones Locker réussirent à placer Thionville sur la carte du rock. Après deux 45T et plusieurs albums, dont le « Green Album » produit par Kramer, les Davy Jones Locker, bruts et rugueux, font passer Mudhoney pour de gentils mélodistes pop… on exagère à peine.

Très vite, ils enchaînèrent les tournées et les gros festivals et après trois albums et de nombreux singles, les Davy Jones Locker finirent par évoluer vers quelque chose de beaucoup plus expérimental avec l’album « Palpable ».

En 2013 Atypeek Music ressort l’intégrale de leur discographie sur les plateformes numériques.

Déjà disponible sur l’ensemble des plateformes numériques : Palpable, Green Album, I Shake My Head, S/T, Ultimate et Single...


Last Davy Jones Locker post. The band kept going in that minimalist and repetitive music direction. They refined and perfected the formula with this album. Let's say they're leaning to metal and industrial at moments. Guitars sound sharper, thicker and agressive, the result is more violent and oppressive songs. Remember seeing those lads opening for the british band Fudge Tunnel back in December 1991.

Later on, one guitarist left the band to form a solo project called Pore, he was replaced by a keyboard/sampler, two more albums were released, didn't heard them, have to admit i lost track of the Davy Jones Locker whereabouts after that, the band did eventually fall in oblivion during the nineties...


This 4 track mini cd is a change of direction from the first demo and their 1990 untitled first 12", yeah, the one with the smoking dinosaurs on the sleeve. Less psychedelic and garagey, their traded their wall of fuzzy guitars for minimalistic and repetitive songs, not dissimilar to the early albums from Helmet. 90's French noise rock at its best.



Green Album

I Shake My Head