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10PUTE ©Baptiste SORIN



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10PUTE writes about what she experiences, feels, on the people she meets, on walls, on her skin. Performer and choreographer, she tells trough dance, tattoos and music. 10PUTE proposes a poetic recital marked by a committed artistic posture of a nomadic feminist queer pro sex identity. Through this performance, 10PUTE proposes songs that forge links in between her stories while approaching issues that transform her. With her songs, she’s sharing anecdotes from her personal mythologies. 10PUTE's poetic deals with the notion of contaminations, influences, heritages, but also questions of territories, belongings and identities. While sharing her intimate thoughts and stories, she leads the audience to her personal places of questioning toward the way of life she’s choosing for herself and her freedom quests. 10PUTE’s songs gather her inner calls that pushes her to move. With Poupée Russe, 10PUTE wishes to offer a queer utopia for some potential translations/mutations of herself, her others and the worlds she lives.


Cover: 10PUTE - Poupée Russe
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